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Asian Dating Sites.

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Site review; Asian Beauty'

Asian Beauty'

Great site! easy to navigate with the most beautiful Asian women you have ever seen and free to join.

S.E. score.. 8/10

Simply the best Asian dating site out there.

Mostly Chinese women.

Site Score 8/10

Talk Now!

Visit Asian Beauty's

Site review;Vietnam


Vietnam Cupid .com is a Vietnamese dating site with thousands of the most beautiful vietnamese women on line, you can sign up for free and connect with ladies from vietnam that are all looking for that special man. you can browse photo profiles and connect directly with the ladies using the sites email and instant messaging. Start your new romance today and join for free!

S.E. score .. 7/10

This site has quite a high score because of the very

good search and for being easy to use with very

quick navigation through the photos and profiles.

Site score 7/10

Visit Veitnam Cupid.

Site review ;Thai Love

Thai Love

Thai Love is by far the most popular Thai dating site with thousands of Thai singles looking for fun, friendship, Love and romance. it is free to join and you could be browsing the many gallerys of beautiful Thai women.

S.E. score 7/10

This site has a high score because it is the most popular Thai niche dating site. the site also has the benfit of easy navigation and good photos.

Site score 7/10

Visit Thai Love Links.

Site review; Japan


This site fine to navigate around but not exclusively Japanese singles.

S.E. score .. 6/10

This site is a bit of a mixed bag there are as many caucasian women on the site as asian women and the search can get annoying when looking at photos. But there are still many beautiful Asian women on the site but points deducted for annoying search of photos and the amount of caucasian women on a site called Japan Cupid.

Site score 6/10

Visit Japan Cupid.

Site review; Chn

Chn has strict standards to guarantee their members connect with real and quality Asian girls looking for serious relationships. All the profiles and personal info are carefully verified to ensure accuracy.

Site score 7/10

Site Score 7/10

Visit Chn

Site review; Asia Friend

Asia Friend

Asia Friendfinder is by far the largest online internet Asian dating and social networking site to meet single Asian women and Asian men across the world catering specifically to Asians

With millions of members worldwide, Asia Friendfinder makes it easy for you to chat, meet new people and build your social network with other Asian people or Asian singles from China, Whether you are looking for friendship, just interested in casual Asian dating, or seeking a committed relationship or marriage, Asia Friendfinder is the right place to find someone special.

Site score 7/10

Site score 7/10

Visit Asia Friend Finder.

Site review; Cherry


Super site, great profiles with more natural photos of the ladies than other asian dating web sites.

Site score 8/10

This Asian dating site has the best email matches

of all the dating sites, but you have to wait for the email profiles to load.

Site score 8/10

Visit Cherry Blossoms.